3 interesting technological solutions for the dubbing and subtitling industry

The Coronavirus situation has turned the economies of many countries and markets upside down. Although most companies suffered huge losses, there are, of course, some industries that were positively affected by the pandemic. One of these is the VOD industry, where companies such as Netflix achieved a 31% increase in the number of subscribers. The continued growth of such companies means that there is a growing demand for subtitling and dubbing services. I would like to present three future technological solutions that will play a major role in reducing the costs of these services in the near future.

Automatic transcription audio to text

Instead of spending hours a day manually rewriting files or wasting money hiring a manual rewrite service, you can use solutions to cheaply and automatically transcribe audio files to text in minutes. Of course, it is difficult to put 100% trust in a machine, so there are cloud solutions on the market where the user has an editing panel and can correct the translated content from audio to text. One of them is https://maestrasuite.com/.

Automatic translation of the Video

You can make your videos accessible to a global audience by automatically translating them online. Simply upload a video, automatically generate subtitles and then translate your video into any language with a single click. There are online solutions that supply over 100 languages and boast over 95% accuracy. Interesting solution: https://www.veed.io/

Computer-generated voices

The AI-based Expressive virtual voice engine is able to mimic the emotions and prosody of human speech. This technology is used for voice production and dubbing. You can create unique voice textures to suit your needs, select the appropriate voice attributes to describe your custom characters, and automatically translate them into multiple languages. You can also select your own set of voice expressions and assign them to words with appropriate timing and intensity. Check the solution: https://voiseed.com/

In my opinion, the dubbing and subtitling industry will develop even more. In addition to the big VOD platforms, more and more Youtube or Facebook channels are translating their films into multiple languages to reach an even bigger audience. I think this is a good way for a traditional translation company to expand its revenue opportunities. 

Patrick Repetski