Flexible integration between Hybrid TMS & Memoq

We believe that automation is the most important thing in reducing costs in modern LSP. There is no automated workflow without fluent integration between TMS and CAT tool. Our team of developers has created a very flexible solution that will help your business take it to the next level.

Hybrid TMS and Memoq integration benefits:
Hybrid TMS and MemoQ integration is beneficial to your business in multiple ways:
● Create quotes in seconds - get file analysis from memoQ and create automatic quotes in
Hybrid TMS, based on data from memoQ, your individual rates, and CAT discount schemas
stored in Hybrid TMS.
● Avoid repetitive tasks - create projects, assign vendors and resources directly in Hybrid TMS
and start translation jobs (including reviews) in MemoQ with just a few clicks. You can also
create projects from MemoQ templates.
● Manage everything in one place - Hybrid TMS updates statuses and exchange files with
MemoQ automatically. You can easily follow every step of the translation process in Hybrid
● Make the whole process “yours” - we can adjust our integration directly to your needs. Hybrid
TMS is the only system that allows for unlimited customization and dedicated development
work. It includes MemoQ integration as well.

Custom integration
Flexibility is the most important thing in the automation of the translation process. If classic Memoq
integration is not enough for you, we can develop an integration which will be adjusted to your
individual processes.

If you are not satisfied with your current Memoq integration, please write to me: patrick@deoling.com
I will do all the best to find the most reasonable solution.