Slack part 2

How to improve communication in the translation agency? pt. 2

This blogpost is a continuation of the blogpost “How to improve communication in the translation agency (part 1)”, which goal was to give you a basic understanding and explain how to start using business messenger tools in you translation agency, and how they can add value to your organization.

Part 2 goes deeper into the topic. I will elaborate on such issues as Slack paid version, search functionality and integration with diverse tools, including our Deoling System.

Slack paid version

Slack follows a freemium pricing strategy, therefore the service is provided free of charge. Users can pay extra if they want to have access to more functionalities. Below you may see a graph presenting proportions of paid users to daily active user on the platform.

Slack pricing is simple and you’re mostly charged by the number of users.

Is it worth to go premium? It’s up to you to decide. The list of premium functionalities of Slack can be found here.

Search tool and message pins

When you’re in charge of a team that consist of many members, you may have troubles tracking all the important messages. No worries, you may always mark important messages with a pin in order to have them available when needed.

slack pins

Secondly, Slack offers an easy to use search window, where you can track all messages or files across the entire organization. A neat tutorial, of how to use it can be found on Slack Help Center.

Apps & integrations

Slack is great not only due to its simplicity and great UI experience but also to its tremendous openness and readiness to diverse app integrations. In fact Slack offers a dedicated store-like platform where you can browse and easily add different apps to your organization. Google Docs, Trello, JIRA, website chat or a less serious Giphy are just to mention.

Deoling System is no different! Our platform can also be integrated with Slack. Imagine receiving real time notifications from the system, without a need to even logging on it. Imagine Slack showing you whether you’ve got a new order, a translator has finished his job and the translation is ready to be sent to you client, or finally if you’ve received a payment from your customer. This is all possible with the Deoling System-Slack integration, an integration that we can tailor to your exact needs.

If you would like to talk about integrating your Deoling System with Slack, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or simply writes us on


Bastiaan Repetski
Bastiaan Repetski
Head of Operations