LSP's automation in 4 steps

Automation of translation management process in a LSP may seem complicated, difficult to implement or even unattainable for many companies- especially for small LSP that do not have large budgets. However, thanks to automation, small companies are able to operate in the same way as large companies, and corporations can free up a lot of resources and make real financial savings. Automation can be a powerful tool your team can use to be more efficient, effective and achieve better results.

1. Analyze your processes

You should first check which processes require a large number of repetitive actions and also verify whether they can be fully automated. The more things you can automate without losing the quality of results, the better.

 2. Identify costs

The main principle of automation is to identify tasks in your processes where a machine can be better and faster than a person. As we all know, human resources are very expensive and often do repetitive work. Consider how much do you spend on your employees' salaries per month. Is everyone working effectively? Could you use these resources better?

3. Control and Reporting

Often the real anguish is manual reports. Even if they only involve the substitution of individual data, it can take several hours to create one complete report. Automation can limit this process. Check and test the efficiency of your workflow and try to constantly improve the translation and vendor management process to be even more efficient. 

4.One management system

Many of the daily activities performed by employees in LSPs are scattered across different systems: CAT tool, messenger, invoicing, CRM and a program to manage your own tasks or a team scheduler. In such a case, smooth use requires logging in or scrolling around for longer periods of time to find the right option. Automation due to integrations allow you to manage all processes from one view, using the functionality of advanced  TMS and focusing all options in one panel. This makes it easier to focus on key activities.


In Deoling, we are focused on automation and LSP’s efficiency. Our system, Hybrid TMS allows us to implement everything adjusted  to customers needs and step by step automate processes inside our customers companies. 

Are you thinking about introducing automation in your company and need help? Write to me!

Patrick Repetski