SMARTCAT & Hybrid TMS - a powerful API integration

One of the most important trends in the digitalization of the translation industry is a seamless connection of multiple IT systems in one, consistent environment. There are multiple systems, that translation agencies or corporate translation departments are using, a.g. BMS, TMS, CAT, MT, CRM, Billing, Cloud drives, and many more. The possibility to store all the information in one centralized system, and being able to manage and exchange information from and between any other systems is crucial in the journey of automation and increasing team productivity. 

Thanks to the development of APIs and increasing openess of various platforms, this approach is more reacheable than ever, and the degree of automation is much more extensive than a couple of years ago. 

One of the greatest examples of such synergy between two platforms is the integration between SMARTCAT, a leading cloud-based CAT tool and Hybrid TMS, a functional Translation Management System with a possibility of custom development. 

Areas of integration

As stated above, integration between SMARTCAT and Hybrid TMS is a great example of synergy between two widely-used platforms on the translation market. Let's take a look at the possibilities and list all the benefits that your company gains from such integration. 

Vendor Management

There is a possibility to keep all the information related to vendors in both systems: their services, languages, rates, etc. If you use TMS as the main agency management platform, you do not need to maintain vendor database in two separate systems. All the information will be stored in both applications simultaneously, one that is excellent at the translation management process and the other one that excels in business management. 


SMARTCAT can perform file analysis, which allows to count weighted words/characters. Thanks to the integration, the same analysis can be downloaded directly to the Hybrid TMS. In the TMS, you can set individual CAT discounts and rates for each Client and Vendor independently. Thanks to the possibility of downloading analysis from SMARTCAT and automatically adjusting it to the TMS settings, you will quote projects in senconds! 

TM management

SMARTCAT, as any other CAT tool, creates and updates Translation Memories, which are one of the most valuable assets of any translation agency. These TMs are stored in SMARTCAT, however, they play an important role in the quotation process and setting up any translation project. Therefore, there is a possibility to display all the available TMs from SMARTCAT in Hybrid TMS and decide which TM should be connected to the project that's going to be started in theTMS and hence in SMARTCAT. 

Project Management

When starting a new project in Hybrid TMS and assigning jobs and vendors, all the data can be transferred to SMARTCAT. In other words: Project in TMS = Project in SMARTCAT. 

What information can be transferred:

  • TMs
  • Jobs
  • Language combinations
  • Deadlines
  • Assigned vendors
  • Statuses

When any job is finished in SMARTCAT and there is a status change, it will be automatically reflected in Hybrid TMS. What is more, when vendors deliver files in SMARTCAT, they will be also automatically downloaded to Hybrid TMS and stored in the appropriate folder. 

Project Templates

There is a possibility to create project templates in both SMARTCAT and Hybrid TMS. These templates can be easily connected. Thanks to that, when PM creates a new project from template in the TMS, the same project will be created in SMARTCAT. No need to duplicate work. Projects with a whole set of jobs will be created with just a few clicks. 


CAT tools and TMS systems are among the most widely used IT solutions in the translation industry. If you want to avoid duplication of work and keep manual tasks at the minimum level, integrating these two tools is a must! As you can see from the example of integration between SMARTCAT and Hybrid TMS, the productivity gain is hight and benefits are vast. 

If you are a SMARTCAT user who is looking for a TMS system that is well integrated with your favourite CAT tool, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will evaluate your needs, advise on the best solutions available and implement the TMS system that is tailored to your needs. Remember, Hybrid TMS adjusts to your needs, it doesn't require your company to adjust all the processess to the system. 

Patrick Repetski