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A multilingual website, marketing content or systems are the first points of contact between your company and a potential customer. Lack of localization of your services reduces the number of orders.

Take care of translation automation, thanks to which you will increase your profits. Thanks to integration with our solutions, you can effectively present your offer to customers from all over the world. 

Quickly, efficiently and conveniently - this is how the content should be translated in your company.  Thanks to a handy and useful global mobile application, customers will gain even better access to your services.  Our team provides constant support, expansion and maintenance of the application, in order to adapt it to the latest devices and technological solutions on the market.

For more than 6 years we have been advising clients in every industry on IT solutions for translation and localization of their services and products. We implement new working methodologies based on the on-line environment.

Thanks to the introduction of automation and appropriate solutions, you will reduce the costs of your translations, speed up the process of their implementation and improve the quality of content. All these elements will allow you to increase your profits!

Managing translations in a large company is a challenge. What counts is not only quality, but also efficiency.  We will prepare solutions for you, thanks to which you will speed up the translation process and save you money without losing the quality of translation.

Using multiple platforms like TMS, CAT, CRM or Invoicing system? Looking for the best way to integrate them and gain all the benefits of synergy?

We are experienced in integrating various systems and platforms.

  • Optimization of systems for localization.
  • Integration with CAT, TMS and MT systems.
  • Individual solutions for your systems.
  • Implemented state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Customized applications for iOS, Android.
  • Compatible with the standards of modern UX i UI.
  • Implemented machine translation systems.
  • Integrated with other systems and external apps.
  • Selection of the right IT solutions for your business.
  • Optimisation of translation costs
  • Optimization and automation of the business processes of yourcopany.
  • Implementation of programs supporting work in the on-line environment, such as Smartcat, DeepL, Slack, Trello, G-suite.
  • Implementation of ready-made MT engines.
  • Determination of processes using MT.
  • Creating your own dedicated solution.
  • Training in MT.
  • Integration of popular TMS, CAT, CRM and Invoicing systems
  • Integration of SaaS platforms
  • Integration of dedicated systems
  • Integration of payment platforms

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