Want to earn more? Increase number of orders and customer loyalty!

Deliver top-notch customer service

Stop competing solely with price! Gain competetive advantege by offering simple and convenient solutions to your customers. Simplified way of placing orders, automatic quotation, on-line payments and customer accounts are just some of the examples of building customer loyalty.

Order form
Customer account
Customer service
Dashboard & CRM
Order form
Order form

Allows your customers to choose the type of translation, language, upload files or copy text and add contact and invoice information.


Automatic quotation

Automatic quotation for such files as: WORD, EXCEL, TXT, PDF, PNG, JPG, etc.

manual quote
Manual quotation

Not sure about automatic quotation? Your employee can quote orders manually.

customer account translation agency
Customer account

Your customers can easily set up accounts while placing an order.

on-line payments translation agency
On-line payments

Credit card, PayPal, or maybe a bank transfer? Offer your customers convinient on-line payments.

language pairs
Language pairs

As an administrator you can add and update available language pairs and rates for each of them. Order form on your website will be updated automatically.

order placement
Order placement

Your customer can place an order through his account. All contact details are completed automatically.

Individual rates

Assign individual rates for customers with an account. Both client and administrator see individual rates.

Order history

Your client gets convenient access to the list of orders, including the history of order exacution, translated files and invoices.


Give your customers a convinient way to access all their invoices.

bulk payments translation agency
Bulk payments

Your customers can pay for several orders at the same time. You can also automatically issue collective invoices.

data editing customer translation agency
Data editing

Your client has changed the data necessary to complete the order or issue an invoice? Let your customers update their contact and billing information by themselves.

statuses in translation agency

Keepy your customers updated. All the statuses related to the order execution will be visible in customer's account and send via e-mail or SMS.


Our software will automatically generate all the confirmation messages - for example order confirmation, payment confirmation or account confirmation.

Making offers

Our software will automatically prepare pdf file with your quotation or will simply insert all the details related to your offer into the e-mail and send it to the customer.


Your client sent you unreadable scans? The order requires additional payment? Would you like to ask about the quality of the translation? Our system will generate requests on your behalf.

order finalization
Order finalization

Done with the translation? Our software will automatically send translated documents to your client. Just mark a project as "done".

On-line chat

Your customer has a quick question and wants to get an immediate answer? On-line chat is a great customer support tool.

Client list

Add and edit customers, set individual rates, currencies and languages for the automatic customer support.

order history
Order history

The history of all the orders of a given customer in one place. See who is your most valuable customer and who have not placed an order for a long time.

Customer groups

Create and edit groups of customers - for example VIP, business, individual customers. Serve your most important customers faster and better.

new csutomers
New customers

Our IT system will automatically inform you about every new customer account that has been set. Take care of your newly acquired customers.

Business analytics

Generate periodic reports, broken down into days, weeks, months, and even years. Analyze profit margins on individual clients, types of orders or languages.

Collective messages

Send notifications to multiple users at the same time. With our CRM you will not only send the newsletter, but also display an information banner on selected customer accounts.

How to make passive income in a translation agency?

Read the article from our blog and find out that your translation agency can make profit for you 24/7 without your interference in the order execution process!

Want to speed up your productivity? Automate processes and work efficiently!

The most efficient order management

Are you wondering what to do to accelerate the process of order fulfillment? Are you worried that if you want to increase your profits, you will be forced to constantly expand your team? Maybe you would like to handle orders 24/7, but you are afraid that the costs will exceed profits? Check how the translation agency automation will allow you to increase profits, accelerate work and reduce costs.

Order list
Vendor management
Order edition
Vendor portal
panel zamówień
Panel of orders

All the orders placed by filling the form on the website or customer account are automatically added to the panel of orders.

filtrowanie zleceń
Extensive filtering

A number of extensive filters allow you to view only these orders that meet your criteria - e.g. status of completion, customer, type, language, start date, deadline, etc.


As part of the platform, you can create sub-panels by yourself, which will display only data that meets selected criteria - for example orders in progress.

Group activities

Edit and delete many orders simultaneously with ease. You can also export an entire or previously filtered list of orders to csv file.

zlecenia ręczne
Adding orders manually

The client sends an inquiry by e-mail? You can easily add the order manually. If the customer has been previously added to the CRM, just enter the e-mail address and the data and rates will be completed automatically.

Invoicing and vindication

Our system will issue invoices for you and take care of the payments. The debt collection module sends automatic reminders to customers who do not pay on time.


Setting-up accounts

As an administrator, you can set up new accounts for vendors working for your agency.

Rates configuration

Along with creating a vendor account, you assign language pairs, translation types, specializations and corresponding rates to it.

Orders limit

For each vendor, set the maximum number of orders so that you can be sure that your work will be done in a timely manner, and that new orders will be accepted only by those who have time for it.

Vendor statistics

Rich statistics allow for better control of your vendors quality: check the speed of translation, the number of orders at a particular time, the quality of translations, customer feedback and much more.

Automatic settlements

Settle your translators automatically, mark settled orders on the list.

user permissions
Vendor permissions

You can assign apprioriate permissions to each vendor, for example, allow them to see customer's postal address in order to send translated documents by post.

Rozbudowany widok
Extensive view

Each order has an extensive view, containing notes, order history or allowing you to view other orders of a given customer.


Statusy realizacji

Each order has a number of editable statuses that change automatically, or which you can set manually.


As an administrator, you can quote orders manually. All you need to do is select the language and type of translation, enter the number of characters / words / pages, and the system will calculate the price for you.

Wybór tłumacza
Choosing vendors

You can assign an order to the selected vendor. The list of available vendors is automatically restricted to those who meet the order's criteria - e.g. language or type of translation.


Wysyłka do wielu
Inform many vendors

Our software will automatically send notification to all the vendors that meet certain criteria. The first one to take the order, gets the job!


Wspólne projekty
Sharing projects

Large projects can be easily divided between several vendors. Every vendor will receive information about the size of their part of the translation and their own profit.


Konto tłumacza
Vendor account

Set up accounts for vendors. Each vendor gets individual login and password.

Order list

Every vendor sees only these orders which criteria he/she meets - for example a language, type of translation, industry, or profit margin for the office.

zysk tłumacza
Vendors earnings

The vendor sees in his/her list the profit from each order, which allows him to quickly decide whether accept the order or not.


powiadomienia dla tłumaczy
Automatic notifications

As soon as new order appears in the system, every vendor that meets the order requirements will by notified by the e-mail or SMS.

Automatic settlements

Every vendor has a module that allows for quick and easy settlements. The software will automatically calculate the right amount of money and send information to the translation agency.

Automatic order fulfillment

Your most trusted vendors can automatically send translated documents directly to the client - without knowing their personal and contact information.

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Benefits of automation

How do I benefit from Deoling solution?

Still not sure about our solution? See how you can benefit from Deoling - translation agency automation software. Bring your agency to the higher level. Manage smarter, handle more orders, increase revenue and reduce costs.


  • Increased number of orders
  • Faster order handling
  • Agency open 24/7
  • More competitive rates
  • Higher margins
  • Automatic customer service
  • Automatic order distribution
  • Automatic quotation
  • Automatic payments and invoicing
  • Automatic vendor settlement
  • Key performance statistics
  • No communication chaos
  • Lower operational costs
  • No need to expand your team
  • Higher customer loyalty