What are Translation Management Systems?

What are Translation Management Systems?

Working in the translation agency can be very stressful and hectic at the moments. There are plenty of challenges translation agency owners or project managers have to face everyday. For many agencies the problems that appear the most often, are: 

  • A significant percentage of rejected quotes
  • Relatively low project margins 
  • Difficult and time consuming vendor assignment process (that also lowers the margin)

In such a fast-changing environment it’s important to use the technology that helps to speed up and automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. 
This is where Translation Agency Management Tools prove to be very helpful. So, what is the TMS system and how does it help to solve the above mentioned problems? 

What is a TMS? 

TMS is a Translation Management System that helps to store all the project, client, vendor and financial information in one place. It allows users to create quotes, manage translation projects, store client and vendor data, issue invoices, prepare vendor settlements and generate meaningful reports. 

How does TMS help to solve the most common problems of Translation Agencies?

Quote preparation automation

TMS helps managers and agency owners to prepare quotes in minutes. Looking at the fact that for some agencies up to 95% of quotes are rejected, it is extremely important to speed up the process. 
TMS system prompts customer rates, automatically calculates translation costs, allows uploading CAT analysis and automatically calculates costs based on CAT grid. What is more, it also automatically creates branded PDF files and emails quotes to clients. 
Instead of crafting manually pdf files and emails, TMS users can do this in just a few clicks. More advanced systems allow the client to accept or reject the quote with just one click, and in turn the system will automatically create a new translation project from the previously accepted quote. It saves a lot of time! 

Vendor assignment automation

TMS systems help you in the most time-consuming and difficult process, especially when you need to deal with relatively small translation projects. Sometimes, it takes more time to email or call several vendors to find the right one, than the project is actually worth. In such cases, many agencies prefer not to work on smaller projects. 
Thanks to TMS, there is no need to reject such jobs. The system will not only automatically show selected vendors who match the project requirements, but also send them automated email notifications with the offer and the possibility to accept or reject the job with just one click. 

… and many many more

These are just some of the benefits of using the TMS system in the Translation Agency. Usually, such systems can also automatically issue invoices, send lots of automated email notifications and even automatically settle all vendors for the tasks they performed. No more excels, no more manual repetitive tasks. Everything in one system, always available for all the agency employees. 

Looking for a tool that will speed up a lot of processes at your agency? 

Look no further, schedule a demo of Hybrid TMS - a fully functional Translation Management System that automates most of the Translation Agency repetitive tasks and allows for custom development in order to adjust to all your needs. 

Mutuzo Claude
Mutuzo Claude
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